Top 7 Best Book About Newborns Reviews & Ranking in 2023

Last update in April, 2024

Mark Twain once quoted, ‘Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.’ You might have good friends and a sleepy conscience, but finding a good book is challenging.

However, when it comes to Book About Newborns you don’t have to use any of your valuable efforts. We have done the research and made a list of the best Book About Newborns options available on the market; so you can find what’s perfect for you.

Furthermore, we’ll also include a buying guide that helps you choose the right book. Today we’ll talk only about the specific details that you desire to know. So without any further ado, let’s start.

Need Quick Selection A Book About Newborns? Just Follow This Table

Best Book About Newborns Reviewed In 2022: Top 7 Recommendation

Save 22%No. 1

The Simplest Baby Book in the World: The Illustrated, Grab-and-Do Guide for a Healthy, Happy Baby

Popularity Score 8.9
Quality Score 9.1
Sentiment Score 9.6

Highlighted Features

  • Gross, Stephen (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 304 Pages – 11/16/2021 (Publication Date) – The Simplest Company (Publisher)

Additional Info :

Brand The
Color Grey
Item Dimensions
Height 14
Width 26
Length 40
Weight 31.01
Save 12%No. 2

Sh!t No One Tells You (Sh!t No One Tells You, 1)

Popularity Score 9.6
Quality Score 8.9
Sentiment Score 8.9

Highlighted Features

  • A good read
  • Dais, Dawn (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 264 Pages – 06/04/2013 (Publication Date) – Basic Books (Publisher)

Additional Info :

Brand Sh
Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 17
Width 26
Length 23
Weight 65.78
Save 22%No. 3

Baby 411: Your Baby, Birth to Age 1! Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about your newborn: breastfeeding, weaning, calming a fussy baby, milestones and more! Your baby bible!

Popularity Score 9.8
Quality Score 9.6
Sentiment Score 9.3

Highlighted Features

  • Brown, Dr. Ari (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 632 Pages – 09/24/2019 (Publication Date) – Windsor Peak Press (Publisher)

Additional Info :

Brand Baby
Color Multicolor
Item Dimensions
Height 5
Width 37
Length 43
Weight 23.56
Save 14%No. 4

Newborn 101: Secrets from Expert Nurses on Preparing and Caring for Your Baby at Home

Popularity Score 9
Quality Score 9.4
Sentiment Score 9.8

Highlighted Features

  • Arsenault RN IBCLC, Carole Kramer (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 368 Pages – 05/16/2017 (Publication Date) – The Experiment (Publisher)

Additional Info :

Brand Newborn
Color Off-white
Item Dimensions
Height 18
Width 21
Length 44
Weight 84.4
No. 5

Black Cat & White Cat: A High Contrast Sensory Board Book About Opposites For Newborns and Babies

Popularity Score 9.7
Quality Score 9.2
Sentiment Score 9

Highlighted Features

  • Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
  • Garralon, Claire (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 30 Pages – 06/07/2016 (Publication Date) – Sourcebooks Jabberwocky (Publisher)

Additional Info :

Brand Black
Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 5
Width 43
Length 35
Weight 26.25
No. 6

Itty bitty newborn: 0-3 months (Big Sister Learns All About Babies)

Popularity Score 9
Quality Score 9.5
Sentiment Score 9.1

Highlighted Features

  • Zielonka, Polly (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 27 Pages – 03/22/2020 (Publication Date) – Independently published (Publisher)

Additional Info :

Brand Itty
Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 19
Width 44
Length 32
Weight 33.89
Save 20%No. 7

Mama Loves You So (New Books for Newborns)

Popularity Score 9.5
Quality Score 9.8
Sentiment Score 9.3

Highlighted Features

  • Pierce, Terry (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 16 Pages – 03/14/2017 (Publication Date) – Little Simon (Publisher)

Additional Info :

Brand Mama
Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 10
Width 29
Length 45
Weight 13.57

Thing to Consider Before Buying Best Book About Newborns

If you’re wondering what factors to consider while choosing Book About Newborns, here we’ve figured out some crucial ones for you. Check them out below.

Genre & Theme

Most readers are inclined to a specific genre or category a book is sold under. So we expect you probably have a preference for one or more genres to narrow your list down. It could be sci-fi, fiction, novel, thriller, horror or dark fantasy, or biography. Once you’ve got a specific genre in mind, your task of finding the best Book About Newborns becomes less overwhelming.

It becomes even easier if you’re interested in a specific theme under the genre. A theme could be a subject the writer has focused on throughout the book. The Broken Earth Trilogy is a Sci-Fi book written on the theme of oppression, while Harry Potter is a Fantasy genre book series with the theme of the coming age. Most books with themes could also have sub-themes, allowing you to relate more to the content.

Learn About the Plot & Characters from the Summary or Blurb

The books generally have a summary or blurb telling you what to expect from the book regarding its fundamental elements like story, plots, characters, and setting—the approx. Two hundred-word summaries included on the inside cover or back of the book can give you an idea about how intriguing the plots and settings are or how believable the characters are.

You won’t find a book great to read unless you can relate to the plots, subplots, or characters. Knowing the backstory from the blurb can work like a teaser for you. For a good book with a good blurb, you’ll find that most of the content is held back to avoid spoilers, making you more tempted to buy the book.

Book from Your Known or Favorite Author

Most book readers have a favorite author. If you’ve got one, you won’t probably want to miss any of their books, and your task of finding the desired book is easier than others who don’t have one. Most famous authors have unique storytelling styles to which their readers can connect.

The fans of Neil Gaiman think he’s a magician in Fantasy genre books because of how effortlessly he portrays them in the reader’s mind. If you’re also a fan of someone, check out the list of Book About Newborns here to see whether it includes their book. If you get it, reserve a copy or ask the bookseller to get it for you.

Renowned Author, Publisher, or Best Selling Books

If you’re a book enthusiast, you probably get excited after hearing a new release from a renowned author or publisher or seeing the Best Seller phrase on the book cover. It’s probably because you assume that the appeal of the content will reach you as it has reached so many others, which is why they have become so popular.

These books are purchased more, enjoyed more, and hence recommended more. So it’s an easy way to pick a book you want to get yourself enriched with. But you’ve to be careful that the Best Seller tag is actual and not scammed. Check out reviews, and see the book on multiple marketplaces and sellers to see whether the tag exists everywhere.


Readability could be a vital factor when choosing a book. A book could be technically sound yet fail to capture the readers because of the right level of readability. Using age-appropriate words, sentence style, and choice of words is essential if the writing has to grip the readers.

ATOS is a metric used to measure the readability level of a book by evaluating the average word length, sentence length, and word difficulty level. See if there’s any ATOS rating available for your book. Otherwise, check out the Book About Newborns synopsis to see how readable it is and whether it meets your standards.

Recommendation from Friends and Family

If you’ve got someone from the family or friends who’s a book enthusiast and reviewer, your job gets half done. Take their recommendations on the genre you prefer. If they’ve already read an option for the Book About Newborns, you can ask them about the feedback.

Ask about the book’s positive and negative sides regarding plots, writing style, or characters. You can also ask them to let you have a look at the book if possible, so you can decide whether it’s worth buying.

Check out Goodreads or Other Review Sites

You can look at some great book review and recommendation sites while choosing your book. As IMDB for movies, Goodreads is for books. It’s the largest site for readers where they can find and share their favorite books. Although it’s mostly reliable, you’ll find scammers trying to manipulate book ratings.

So it’s better to check out the book review on other sites like LibraryThing, Bookish, BookRiot, Common Sense Media, etc. You’ll also get some neutral online forums where you can ask members to share their opinions on a particular book.

More Tips on Buying a Book

We’ve got some more tips that you can follow while buying a book.

  • A beautiful or meaningful book cover
  • Keep Penguin Classics in your collection, as they generally have a timeless appeal.
  • Research authors other books to understand her style
  • Make sure the book is reasonably priced.
  • Look for electronic books or soft paperback covers if you want to read on the go; otherwise, a hardcover book makes a more attractive option to place on the shelf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get some more queries answered about buying the Book About Newborns.

1. Should I head for Nobel Prize Winner while Buying A Book?

You don’t necessarily have to head for a Nobel prize winner’s book unless its genre, theme, or story suits your style.

2. What are some credible rating systems for books?

There are three metrics used to choose a book for enthusiastic young readers, such as Lexile measure (for text’s difficulty level), ATOS level (for readability level), and star rating (usual feedback system).

Final Word

To conclude, that was all you needed to know to purchase the best Book About Newborns. Starting from our top list to an effective buying guide is everything that you would ever need. While the list gives you the best ones, the buying guide helps you to narrow down your choice.

The most important factor before making a purchase is going through the reviews. You need to make sure that you are going to be spending your next few days in the right place. So make your purchases worth it, and happy reading!